LoFi Voyages

13 - Judgement at the Vaerestinia Estate, Part 1

July 14, 2019

Finally arriving at Windsor Vaerestinia’s summer home, the crew runs into trouble as Unglianne has the place on lockdown. Flaxen fights a skeleton. Rowan pulls some zany diplomacy. Avalen avoids eye contact. Virgil bonds with Toothy. Ishmael tries affection therapy.

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Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvde
January - Kokoro : https://soundcloud.com/beatsbykokoro
Hanging Lanterns - Kalaido : https://soundcloud.com/kalaidobeats
Deep Sleep - DLJ (w/ TABAL) : https://soundcloud.com/dljbeatshttps://soundcloud.com/tabalmusic
By the Ocean, Black Hair Girl, Magical Girl, Sunny - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesis

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