LoFi Voyages

21 - The Western Watchtower, Part 2

September 22, 2019

Can the crew truly convince Unglianne they’re trustworthy? Can they manage to effectively storm the Western Watchtower? The answer is no, not really. Ishmael experiences a binding ritual. Flaxen remembers an old pirate trick. Avalen sets off traps. Rowan begrudgingly heals. Virgil gets stuck in the floor.

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Lost//Found. - Altitude. : https://soundcloud.com/altitvde
What's a Keyboard, There's a lot of snow on this tree - Lofi from Fargo : https://soundcloud.com/lofifromfargo
By the Ocean, Words Worth - Saturn Genesis : https://soundcloud.com/saturngenesis
The Woman Who Was Heartbroken - Ouska : https://soundcloud.com/ouska

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