LoFi Voyages


September 1, 2019

A Podcast

A deadly fog is slowly rolling over the world. Five escaped prisoners try to outrun it.

The weekly episodic adventures of the crew of the ship How Am I Feeling, heavily inspired by lofi hip-hop, nostalgic media, and rainy morning coffee.

A Campaign

D&D 5th-edition, in a homebrew setting, with some homebrew mechanics. Updates every other Sunday morning. Episodes run around 2 hours.

By People

Six friends who've been playing D&D together for 5+ years: DM Bridget Schiffler, players Nick Achatz, Jake Schiffler, Xing Guo, Connor Bennion, and Emma Schulte.

With Music

All our music is made by incredible external artists, whose Soundclouds are linked in the episodes they're used. 

A good amount is pulled from this list of Copyright-free songs, compiled by ChilledCow. Our theme music is Lost // Found by Altitude. We also use a lot of music from Saturn Genesis.

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