LoFi Voyages


May 11, 2019

Virgil Badwater
Played by Jake Schiffler

Human fighter. Captain of the ship How Am I Feeling. Former rowboat cowboy, and owner of the fire ant elemental Beccy.

Flaxen Roan
Played by Nick Achatz

Half-orc rogue. Former sand sailor and leader of a rebellion.

Rowan Ridley
Played by Xing Guo

Human bard. Former member of the navy, and owner of the water cormorant elemental Last Week.

Avalen Vaerestinia
Played by Connor Bennion

Elf barbarian. Wealthy nobleman who doesn't remember his rages.

Ishmael Overcast
Played by Emma Schulte

Elf sorcerer. College drop-out and musician.

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